Who are we?

7Scope is a young company with the ambition to grow and lift planning management to a higher level. Our roots lie in the infrastructure industry. We are able to provide all executing technical companies with planning management. We would be happy to offer our unique approach to enhance the efficiency of your company.

Geographically we cover Belgium and the Netherlands. Please contact us for collaberations in different European countries. 

We believe in transparency, mutual respect and working together towards a common purpose. Only by working together can we make progress.

The team of 7Scope

We are hiring! Our team is currently expanding to four, but we are always looking for more planning engineers. 

Frank Sipkes

Frank Sipkes

Lead planner and inspirer

Frank has a long and successful background in the construction industry. Upon starting his own company in 2009 his skills naturally gravitated towards planning management. He has worked extensively with well renowned construction in Belgium and the Netherlands and always welcomes a new challenge.

Roos Sipkes

Roos Sipkes

Web manager

Roos has an MBO diploma in Marketing and Communication and manages digital communication for 7Scope. As a copy writer and social media specialist she has a passion for keeping up to date with the latest methods in business communications. 




We always have room for new people.  Are you an analytical thinker?  Are you ready to work on amazing assignments with inspiring teams?  Please contact us – we would very much like to meet you!

Improvement, entusiasm and Innovation

 The organisations we work with nowadays are usually very large and complex, they are constantly changing in various ways. This is why it’s more important than ever to keep improving our own knowledge and skills. Continuous improvement and innovation are our most important values at 7Scope, it’s our belief that if you share your thoughts and ideas with others the impact will only become greater.

In order to bring out the best performance from you and the company we believe that work should be enjoyable; we maintain a creative work environment by giving you the space to do what’s good for you, for your own improvement, for innovation and new ideas and for putting things into perspective.