Our services are diverse, we do anything and everything that has to do with planning management. We take pride in working at the forefront of developing new methods and techniques for the best planning management. We do planning management like it has never done before. 

Planning management for multidisciplinary work

What does our planning management for construction projects consist of? First and foremost we master the most important factor for you. Which is time. We do this by establishing the process, making sure your team thinks about all factors that are important for the planning by composing them themselves (the pre-proposal!). We make clashes more comprehensible so solutions can be found. We make sure everyone’s progress is recorded clearly and periodically, subsequently we extract the relevant data to ensure the project is on schedule.


The various disciplines deliver the data. We put it all together, support the process and develop a clear overview. During the planning proposal the focus lies with the preparatory phase – design and permits – as well as the realisation. We also arrange the tender planning; insuring all presentations, permits and documents are completed on time. After all, a tender is just like a project. By visualising all the dependencies, by processing the progress periodically and by providing insight in needed control measures, we focus on the moment at which everything will be 100% ready.

Risk analysis

Our method successfully identifies all the risks to the planning. We advise on how to keep the risk management effective.

Short courses & workshops

We do this in consultation with our clients. We offer a broad spectrum of courses and workshops. From presentations about the essence of planning management to short in-house courses about Microsoft Project.

Business portfolio management

We go through all the elements essential within the project to get a clear picture of their progress. This way we always make sure planning, progress and project management get the attention they deserve, as well as understanding the required team composition and actively learning from each other. Through online applications it is possible to take on strategic and cost-effective subcontractors who can manage your processes better.

Establish the process of planning management

We customise your process in planning management, training your employees and providing established software. This provides your employees with the tools to master their projects most effectively.


We advise on whether planning is complete or not, what the risks are and if they meet the expectations of the client.

Training on the job

We offer short presentations about planning management, different kinds of software solutions and on the job training of employees in effectively mastering live-planning for their projects.

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