Progress Analyses Planning

Output is leading. With just a glance a report has to be able to give the team all the information it needs. So, the challenge in creating good Progress Analyses Planning lies in displaying only that what really matters in a way that shows the core struggles immediately.

A Progress Analyses Planning with only the essential

At 7Scope we developed the Progress Analyses Planning for this. By cleverly filtering and grouping for the planning we make sure only the activities that have importance to the message that has to be communicated are shown.

Captured planning paths and key mile stones

The principle is simple. Several key milestones are defined in the planning because they are going to be important for maintaining the project. These milestones are for example: Definitive design ready, Start construction, Structural work ready, etc. And of course, the contract milestones. The planned path to reach said milestone is also defined and captured in the planning with Outline-Codes (MS-Project) or with Activity Codes (Primavera). After processing everyone’s progress we look at which planning paths have influenced the current state of the key milestones. Often, it’s the planning paths that don’t have the opportunity to float or the ones that have a negative float.

Grouping paths and overall planning

In the Progress Analyses Planning, a separate view on the overall planning, all tasks are displayed in groups per planned path. Subsequently only those activities (filtered) that have influenced the key mile stones are shown. After that the sequence of the activities can be adjusted to get the best overview. The Progress Analyses Planning will be in pdf format. On the pdf of the Progress Analyses Planning, speech bubbles will indicate the progress that’s being made. They will also point to the potentially required control measures. Because only a specific number of activities is being displayed – a Progress Analyses Planning is 2 A3 pages at maximum – ánd every one of those activities is put in a logical order, good overview arises.

Together with the Delta Chart the Progress Analyses Planning is an indispensable part of the time technical management of the project.