The DNA van 7scope

To maintain balance in the world it is important that people really get to know each other, that they are able to take control of their own future, can improve themselves and have prospects. This is what makes people feel involved and responsible so they all contribute to a future in which everyone has a safe place.

Close up we try to contribute to this idea by stimulating a cooperate culture in which social inclusiveness is the main focus. Furthermore we are a member of The New Builders, an organization that commits itself to innovation in construction in the Netherlands. Added to that we support the micro-credit programme of Oxfam Novib, with which local entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing countries get the opportunity to shape their own future and make their dream come true. The more we share, the better we all become.

Curious and involved

We are always very curious. Not just about new techniques and innovations, but also about each other and the story behind people. A snap judgment is easily made and keeps the world conveniently divided. Our experience however, is that there’s a story behind everything and that if you open up to this possibility the world turns out to be a lot more beautiful than you first thought. In this we also want to show our dedication and value trust, safety, freedom and responsibility. Those four elements are important to us all, no matter where you’re from, where your orientation lies and what your level of education is.

We are committed on collaborating with people and organizations who support this.