Flow Planning

Emphasis on the process

7Scope implements planning management following the Flow-Planning method, a standardized process that has proven its effectiveness in practice.  We put the emphasis on the process instead of the planning. Our experience is that a well worked out process automatically leads to good planning. But it works the other way around as well; the lack of a good process leads to costly mistakes and missed timelines. The strength of the Flow-Planning method is based on the way we take into account the behavior of the people within teams, and that our prime focus is on the end result: Output is Leading.

The Tools

  • Planning: A carefully considered plan which outlines step by step how we intend to hit our target.
  • Progress:Progress is constantly monitored, by an ongoing awareness of the current position the correct measure can be taken in order to reach your goal.
  • Reports: output is leading
    • Focus on what’s important in the moment is made possible via Progress-Analysed-Plans
    • Overview: history of the entire project that fits onto 1 A4 by using the DeltaChart

The essence of planning

What is planning really? We are never quite sure what may happen in the future.  But on the basis of our experiences in the past we can make a prediction. However, in a way, it will always remain just an educated guess and there are many risks that can affect our original plan.

So, planning is difficult but we can apply a specific method:

  • We decide the target
  • We plan
  • We measure the progress
  • We adjust

Continuous monitoring and timely adjustments ensure we remain on top of unexpected  occurrences.

So planning is an ongoing process of measuring -> adjusting -> measuring -> adjusting -> etc.

The basis of our working method

The Process

  • Every team member knows what’s expected of them
  • Team members develop their own plan
  • The planner then assembles them for the analysis
  • A phased plan is created. Within it the immediate future is more detailed and the long-term procedures only contain the main features





    So a Flow-Planning:

    • Always accurate view of the current stance of events in a – flow – situation
    • The planning is alive and feels like something that can be impacted by the team
    • Progress is processed in real time

    We at 7Scope feel privileged to keep in touch with companies and people who want to enhance the standard of planning technique together. Are you also interested on working on this goal with us? Please, feel free to contact us about.